Zuck What the F@#$
What were you thinking Mark
I have been using Facebook for some time now.

With constant updates, and changes that I can not keep up with, I have decided to raise a concern.

I will be logging my concerns, disagreements and aggrevations on this site.

Please share your experience as well.
News Ticker Took Away Updates
Earlier I used was able to see what was happening in and arround me with my friends.

Lately, I am getting less and less updates on my home page.

Sometimes I want to look at the updates using the ticker on the right.


I found that using the mouse wasnt very efficient as it would jump updates when it reached the end.

So I started using my keyboard to scroll through the updates. Now, for some reason it will not "load more" updates when I use my keyboard.

All I'd like to say is Zuck What the F@#$

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